The Drop Arm barrier are aesthetic design with small footprint to ensure minimal discreet impact to building layout upon installation. The system using fast acting arm to physical block authorized entry. It has the flexibility to configure to either an optical security lane or a barrier arm controlled lane.

Key Features

  • The lanes can be configured for entry, exit or bi-directional access.
  • The lane, with its narrow width housing, makes the configuration easier attributable to lesser space requirements. It has a symmetrical view due to the similar outlook for both normal and handicap lanes.
  • The side hinge door provides an easy avenue for maintenance.
  • Customization to include card reader, biometric finger print, ticket collection etc, is possible.
  • Each lane comes with safety beams to ensure proper access clearings, and can be extended to cater for children and wheelchair users, whose heights are lower than the drop arm level.
  • The motor will disengage when an object tries to block the arm from closing or opening, providing an additional safety mechanism for the pedestrian.

Technical Specifications

Specifications* Drop Arm
Input 230VAC ,50/60Hz
Operating Voltage 0.5A, Inrush: 1.5A
Motor DC Motor with Open/ Close time of approximately 0.5 sec
Mode of Operation Open/ Close/ Manual open/ Fire Alarm/ Gate status
Accept 2 inputs to enable bi-directional access
Optional Tail-gate sensors, anti-crawl sensors
Mounting of reader with acrylic cover
LED (Arrow/Cross) signage with acrylic cover
Material SS316 (Stainless steel)
SS304 (Stainless steel) or
Mild steel powder coating
Dimension Pedestal Length: 1200mm
Pedestal Width: 190mm
Pedestal Height: 1000mm